Drive-In Saturday with David Kilderry

The Cinema and Theatre Historical Society of Australia Inc. (CATHS) is pleased to present a talk on Drive-in Theatres.

This talk will be by the pre-eminent drive in theatre historian, drive-in owner and CATHS member David Kilderry.

On 18 February 1954, an advertisement appeared in the Melbourne Sun; “Opening tonight at 6:30 Australia’s first drive-in theatre”.

The Skyline at Burwood, became the first of more than 330 drive-in theatres to be built across Australia, changing the way several generations of Australians watched movies.

David Kilderry has a long history in the cinema business, is familiar with the operation of most of Melbourne’s cinemas and is the owner of the Internet web site Drive-ins Down Under.

David is a frequent guest speaker at CATHS meetings and at outside venues.

The presentation will be illustrated with images from David’s large collection of drive-in images.

Location: PMI Victorian History Library, 39 St Edmonds Road, Prahran 3181

Cost: FREE

Enquiry: PMI Victorian History Library, 03 9510 3393

Region: Melbourne Date: 21 October 2017 Time: 2:30 pm -